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Initiated by the inimitable and motley group of Medical Industry and Information Technology enthusiasts. Virtual Health Care invented “TeleICUCare”, a breakthrough critical care remote monitoring system. “TeleICUCare” helps in providing a high-quality intensive care to patients in rural as well urban areas. Our critical care solutions provide the actionable information you may need for early patient intervention, allowing you to leverage scarce resources and deliver high-quality care to patients efficiently.

Modern Critical Care originated with the invention of positive pressure ventilation in the 1960’s. Critical Care today is delivered in highly specialized intensive care units. Critical Care beds are typically around 10% of the hospital bed strength but account for more than 80% of resource utilization. Modern critical care is highly dependent on technology and has become a essential superspeciality. In India, there are approximately 100000 ICU beds in over 7000 ICUs. Unfortunately, there are genuine scarcity of critical care specialists especially in rural.

Virtual Health Care Overview


Virtual Health Care™ Care is an attempt to fight against these scarcities.TeleICUCare is not an off-the-shelf solution but it will definitely offer feasible and customized engagement models to suit the needs of each hospital. Tele-ICU Care looks to provide a holistic tailor made solution.

Why Virtual Health Care

Virtual Health Care for Rural

There are no critical care specialists available in rural areas. So many lives lost during ambulance transport from rural areas. TeleICUCare can assist them in INITIAL LIFE SAVING HOURS. There are so many data are available that proved that Tele-ICU reduce the overall mortalities.

Cost Effectiveness

As mentioned earlier, ICU takes up significant resource utilization. TeleICUCare provides tailor-made solution and also improve the quality of care

Training of Medical and Paramedical Staff

Critical care units require round the clock monitoring by trained staff. Tele-ICU can easily do mass training of medical and paramedical staff. It helps to improve the overall quality of care.

Increased Efficiency

Our remote experts team helps treating patients immediately when they are in need and don’t need to wait for experts to arrive and treat. Experienced nurses take care of treating critical conditions and diagnosis with the help of intensivists.

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Intensive care is a complex, evolving, and nuanced practice,and we’re
dedicated to using tele-ICU to solve its unique problems.Everything we do
is based on the idea that two minds are better than one when it comes to
providing the best care.



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